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Diabetes Education Kit
Carb Counting Tear Pad
Nasco's Common Diabetic Foot Problems Tearpad
Diabetes Nutrition Toolkit forRD's & CDE's
Age 12 and up. This fun trivia game reaches individuals about Type 2 Diabetes and diet for blood sugar control.
A fun and lively way to teach facts about Diabetes.
Put newly diagnosed Diabetic patients at ease with this clear colourful guide.
A handy guide that Diabetic patients can take everywhere empowering them with confidence and knowledge to make healthy food choices.
A colourful and vibrant tool that will enable Diabetic clients to prepare healthy meals.
An ideal way to demonstrate the American Dietetic Food Exchange List System with visually realistic replicas.
An effective resource aimed at educating clients about Diabetes and adopting a healthy lifestyle.
An informative book exploring Diabetes and nutrition.
A visual and effective way to demonstrate carbohydrate counting for clients with Diabetes.
Deluxe Occluded Artery Model
4-Piece Artery Model
Age 10 and up.
Educate students about Type 2 Diabetes with these models.

By Marie Fasano Ruggles MS, RD, CDN.
An interactive flip chart for demonstrating the difference in fat and calories between a given food and a suggested alternative.


Age 9 and up. Two-piece model opens in half to show inner chambers and valves of the heart as well as aortic arch, superior and inferior vena cava, pulmonary, and cardiac veins. 3-3⁄4in x 2-1⁄2in x 2-3⁄4in. Card size: 6-1⁄2in x 5-1⁄4in.


Put together by a team of industry expert endocrinologists and podiatrists, this DVD is simple to understand with easy-to-follow, step-by-step demonstrations. Each chapter provides essential information pertaining to diabetic foot care, ways to protect feet from serious injuries and complications, and recommended exercises for circulation. Includes several tips on buying shoes, diabetic socks, choosing and applying foot care products, important questions to ask your doctor, and diabetic foot care resources. 75 minutes. ©2009.


From the American Diabetes Association.
Introduces clients to carbohydrate counting, a method of meal planning that can help control diabetes. Also provides information, guidelines, and tips to help as clients learn to count carbs. Pkg. of 10. 18 pages, 8-1⁄2in x 11in.


Osteoporosis Disk Set Enlarged cross-section of bone illustrating the progressive thinning of trabeculae bone that occurs due to osteoporosis. Comes with information card (8-1⁄4in x 6-1⁄4in). Model measures 4in dia. x 1-5⁄8in.


Age 10 and up.
This oversized two-sided kidney model has a normal anatomy cutaway on one side and a disease anatomy cutaway on the other side depicting infection, scarring, atrophy, urinary (kidney) stones, tumor, polycystic disease, and hypertension effects. Model measures 3-3/4in x 2-1/2in x 6-1/2in.

This soft stomach replica will be an invaluable tool teaching patients to attach an insulin pump infusion set, or any injection in the stomach. Infusion set and insulin pen not included.
1 - 30 of 32 results