Weight Management

Weight Management

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Fat Facts Secondary Poster
Obesity Model

Beginner Pedometer - Set of 30

An economical step counter.

Includes battery and instructions.

Royal blue.

50 sheets
An amazing guide packed with clear information and colourful illustrations.
Clever Catch Exercise Ball
Tumble 'n Teach - Exercise Cube
An accurate device to take circumference measurements on people.
An invaluable tool to enable clients to compare portion sizes and make healthy choices.

Age 11 and up.
Portion sizes have been increasing over the years - along with our waistlines.
The correct portion sizes are outlined like puzzle pieces on the posters and tablet to make it easy to see what one serving looks like.


Age 12 and up.
Get the facts and learn how to distinguish between mono poly, saturated, and trans fats.

An excellent resources that is effective in demonstrating high protein food sources.

These colorful plates will help teach kids and adults how much of each food group they should be eating each day It also overs the importance of physical activity with a balanced meal. Melamine plates measuring 9inch in diameter. ©2010. Sh. wt. 0.23 kg.


Segmented 'health plate' designed for the post bariatric surgery patient. Melamine plate measuring 7-¼inch in diameter.


A fun and lively way to learn about effective weight management.

The perfect icebreaker in any weight loss group. Toss into the group. The person who catches, answers the question under their left thumb and then tosses up for someone else to catch. This 61cm inflatable ball has 60 questions. Answer sheet included.