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You will be ready for arts and crafts time with a crayon assortment filled with value and eight basic colours: black, brown, green, blue, purple, red, orange and yellow. Extra large crayons measure 5inch x 9/16inch. Packaged for easy use and convenient storage. Includes 25 crayons of each colour.



Palmers acrylic glass stain provides you with a variety of jewel-like colours to add a special, transparent effect to your craft projects. Total net: 2 fl. oz (67ml). Set of 12.


Suncatchers in eye-catching designs you can paint yourself using glass stain paints such as 9725029. Includes 24 suncatchers, six each of four assorted designs. Large suncatchers measure 5inch (12.7cm) x 6.5inch (16.5cm).


White, heavy-duty, plastic moulded paint tray is great for mixing colours. Ideal for studio or craft room use. Not microwave safe

Sh. Wt 0.31lb (0.15Kg)


Big, smooth, 24in x 15-3/4in rectangular plastic Surface with 1-1/2in raised edges is great for working with paints, beads, messy glue and other craft projects. Terrific for keeping sorting projects contained to one area. Give each person their own tray. When activity is over put it away, and take it out at the next session all ready to work again.

Sh. Wt 0.75lb (0.34Kg)


Includes one 8-oz. Bottle each of: yellow, orange, red, magenta, blue, turquoise, violet, green, brown, and black.

Sh. Wt 7lb (3.2Kg)


Simplified Designs

Set contains 24 pictures comprising 4 different designs.11in x 17in

Sh. Wt 1.25lb (0.57Kg)


Familiar Animals

Set contains 12 different designs. 8-1/2in x 11in

Sh. Wt 0.44lb (0.2Kg)


Still Life, Landscapes, Seascapes & Whimsical Designs

Set contains 24 different designs. 11in x 17in

Sh. Wt 0.81lb (0.37Kg)


Birds, Butterflies and Fish

Set contains 12 different designs. 11in x 17in

Sh. Wt 0.63lb (0.29Kg)


Nature, Flowers and Landscapes

Set contains 12 different designs. 11in x 17in

Sh. Wt 0.63lb (0.29Kg)


Seascapes, Flowers & Still Life

Set contains 12 different designs. 8-1/2in x 11in

Sh. Wt 0.44lb (0.2Kg)


This set of 12 round and flat brushes features brightly coloured, translucent, acrylic 4in handles that are short and thick for a comfortable and easy grip. Quality bristle hairs provide fine points, sharp edges and resilient spring. No paint to chip off means no unsightly handles. Contains one each of rounds and flats in red, yellow, blue, orange, purple and green.

Sh. Wt 0.63lb (0.29Kg)


These Scrap/Cutting books are great for making Memory Books. 24 Pages, Blue/Grey Sugar PaperSize 15in x 10in

Sh. Wt 0.18Kg

Weave rainbow paper strips to create beautiful inexpensive baskets.
Large mats come in six bright colours and are easy for all ages to manipulate.

Soft lead texture for ease in blending colours.

These colouring pencils are softer and offer richer colours than many other pencils, while saving you money.
The set contains six copies of eight different designs on 8 1/2in x 11in  (21 x 28 cm) paper for a total of 48 projects
One dozen first quality brushes. Assortment may vary.
Keep creative with these two beautiful projects (Hang on Kitty and butterflies & bamboo)
Painting by number is a great way to start for beginning artists of all ages.
These large ink capacity markers are long lasting and quick drying.
These acrylic polymer colours are the finest available and are 50% less expensive than other acrylic polymers!