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Feature internal seams. Sets of 12 include six colours: red, yellow, blue, orange, purple and green.


Feature internal seams. Sets of 12 include six colours: red, yellow, blue, orange, purple and green.


Bring realistic bowling action to your programme with our bowling equipment. Pins are full-size and regulation shape for an authentic look. Sets include 10 pins, a hollow rubber ball, set-up sheet and score pad. The ball includes three finger holes for hand grips.


Always a favourite! The set includes five pegs with score numbers and four rings. 12inch (30.5cm) H x 15inch (38cm) W.


Even a large group may play this horse racing game using giant foam dice to determine whose horse gets to move and how many 'lengths' they will advance. The horses race on a 1ft (30.5cm) W x 20ft (6.1m) L durable vinyl racetrack that is marked in 1ft (30.8cm) increments. The game includes six 10inch (25.4cm) plastic racehorses, one 5inch (12.7cm) square foam die with dots, one 5inch (12.7cm) square foam die with numbers, racetrack and instructions.


Spend a fun day at the track with the Racing Horse Game! Roll the dice to move the horses along the sliding wooden track. Whoever holds the cards that match the number of the first horse to reach the end of the track wins. Includes playing board, deck of cards and two dice. 15-1/4inch (38.7cm) x 12inch (30.8cm) x 1/2inch (1.25cm).


Traditional dominoes take on new dimensions with these mix-and-match jumbo foam dominoes featuring familiar animals. 5inch (12.7cm) x 2-1/2inch (6.4cm). Set of 28.


High quality, plastic-coated, standard size playing cards with large numbers and letters. Easy-to-read for the visually impaired.


A simple-to-play, classic game on a big scale! Make four in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally to beat your opponent. Lightweight moulded plastic. Great for play indoors or out. 17-1/2inch (44.5cm) x 23inch (58.4cm) x 2inch (5cm).


This set with a hardwood mounting base (11inch (27.9cm) x 3-1/2inch (8.9cm)), 30 pieces of PVC pipe of various lengths and 24 PVC connectors will encourage creative construction and manipulative motion. An independent activity that's sure to appeal to your male residents. The base and pieces all come in a plastic toolbox.


Attach the colourful foam shapes onto the plastic foam pounding board by pounding the wooden pegs through their holes to create interesting designs and pictures. A great activity to spark the imagination, develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and relieve stress. The self-healing foam board will not crumble with use and is soft enough to push pegs in by hand if using a mallet is not desirable. Set includes: foam pounding board (13inch (33cm) x 20inch (50.8cm)), 10 large foam shapes, 100 wooden pegs and a rubber mallet.


Extra sturdy 9inch (22.9cm) x 12inch (30.5cm) whiteboard doubles as a magnetic slate.


Tap into early learned skills and pleasures. Match full-size playing cards to their corresponding images on four wipe clean boards (each 11inch (27.9cm) x 14inch (35.6cm)). Includes two decks of cards. Ideal for matching, counting and sorting. Adaptable to many levels of dementia.


These bold, colourful illustrations of real animals provide opportunities to explore the natural world. The magnetic puzzle pieces are soft and pliable, making them easy to handle. Use on any magnetic surface or complete the puzzles by placing the pieces on the matching photo cards provided. Includes parrot, dog, piglet, panda, butterfly and tiger. Puzzles measure 9inch (22.9cm) x 9inch (22.9cm).


Stimulate communication and discussion with five thematic trays. Familiar objects attach with Velcro(R). Appropriate for one-on-one, roombound and group interaction. 9inch (22.9cm) x 12inch (30.5cm) trays stack easily for storage


The fun and excitement of a deck game in a sturdy tabletop version. Play both court and long board versions of shuffleboard. Game surface is MDF (medium density fiberboard) with cabinet sides and ends made from solid pine. Comes with eight fast-shooting, roller bearing pucks. 44-3/4in x 12-3/4in x l-1/2in for two or more players.Sh. Wt 12lb (5.5Kg)


Tabletop bowling with big lane excitement! The 10 pin game measures nearly 5ft. long and the rules are exactly the same as regular bowing. It includes an adjustable 'hood' ball launcher, pin rack for easy reset, two bowling balls, and Score sheet. Sh. Wt 7lb (3.2Kg)


Great for indoor wheelchair or seated volleyball play. This floor standing game is 5feet wide and stands 34 inches high. Features nonslip rubber feet and comes with an easy-grip 8.5inch diameter play ball.Sh. Wt 6.5lbs (3Kg)


Ball has two sets of three holes to allow for different hand sizesSh. Wt 3lb (1.35Kg)


Keeps bowling pins in a confined area. Steel tubing, heavy mesh construction. 4feet long and 1foot high (colours may vary)Sh. Wt 12lb (5.5Kg)


Soft, colourful dominoes provide colour and number activities for hours of enjoyment. The large domino tiles are easy to grasp and handle. Large dots make these ideal for the visually impaired. 5in x 2.5in Set of 28Sh. Wt 2lb (1Kg)


Dominoes offer perfect diversional activities for all functioning levels. High-functioning residents can use these colourful wooden dominoes to play the game, cognitively impaired may use them for stacking, counting, and colour sorting. Six double-six sets (168 Pieces total), each in a different colour.Sh. Wt 2lb (1Kg)


Soft, safe, and oversized for greater success! Made of durable spongy, foam core with tuff-coat skin. 25% larger than regular horseshoes, producing more confidence, scoring and fun. Set includes four horseshoes, two stakes, and stake mats.Sh. Wt 1.25lb (0.6Kg)


Giant 4.75in x 7in plastic coated playing cards. Easy to see and handle. Deck of 52 and two jokers.Sh. Wt 1.25lb (0.6Kg)


Jumbo 1in dice, Opaque square-cornered. Pack of 5

Sh.wt 0.38lb (0.17Kg)


Each full-colour, card measures 3.5in x 5in. Ideal for those with poor vision or for those who have difficulty grasping smaller cards. Deck of 52 cards with two jokers,Sh. Wt 0.31lb (0.14Kg)


This game has been successfully tested in retirement, nursing homes and day care settings. An exciting trivia game with easy to follow instructions, a 77 page question and answer book, 120 point cards and large print categories.The leader chooses eight categories for each game out of 57 offered in the book. An individual or team picks a category and then chooses a question from one of five different point values. The person or team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. Dimensions 10in x 14in x 1.5in (c)1996

Sh. Wt 0.95lb (0.5Kg)


Pair of quiet easy-to-handle 5in square uncoated foam numeral dice, lends itself to all kinds of games.

Sh. Wt 0.38lb (0.17Kg)


Stimulates memory recall while interacting with a group. Players are each dealt a card. The first player reads The 'Who Has' question on their card. The player with the correct answer responds with their 'I have' statement, then reads their 'who has' question. This continues until play ends with the person who started the game. Game includes two decks of 20 cards (answers included). Theme is Famous People, Films and authors.

Sh.wt .38Lb (0.17Kg)

Musical Bingo is the perfect activity for day centres, residential care homes, clubs, family gatherings, parties and other groups of two or more people. This revised and easily portable version of the ever popular game allows for great flexibility - simply print off the number of game sheets you require, switch on the CD and you're ready to play. When players match the song excerpt they hear with a title on their game sheet they simply mark with a cross as with conventional bingo games.
1 - 30 of 47 results