Mental Stimulation

Mental Stimulation

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A fun-filled book packed with interactive activities to get seniors thinking, recalling and participating. Seniors will love recalling trivia such as golden oldie movie titles, famous pairs and advertising slogans from the past. Divided into four sections: Blasts from the Past, In the Know, Fun with Words and Fun with Numbers. There are several creative ways to use these activities from creating a trivia day to recreating a radio quiz programme using the questions.
64 pages, 8-1/2inch (21.6cm) x 11inch (28cm).  (c)2008.


This book offers complete activities and outlines for creating meetings just for men, providing many opportunities for men to reminisce about their work and hobbies. 44 pages, 8-1/2inch (21.6cm) x 11inch (28cm). Paperback.


Your residents will have a 'ball' reminiscing with this game. Two or more players (or teams) toss the ball to each other. When the ball is caught the player must 'name three' items in the category under their thumb to receive a point. To make it even more exciting, each additional correct answer adds another point. There are 60 different categories including: Silent Film Stars, Kinds of Cheese, Backyard Birds, Tools Used for Gardening and more. 15inch (38.1cm) dia. inflatable ball. For two or more players.


Musical memories will surface as players toss the Name-A-Song ball to one another. When a player catches the ball, they must name a song title containing the word or phrase on which their right thumb lands. Players receive a point for each correct answer. 15inch (38.1cm) dia. inflatable ball. For two or more players or teams. Instructions for play included.


Energise your reminiscing groups with vintage sounds! These popular reminiscing resources include sound scenes of yesteryear ranging in length from 20 seconds to two minutes each. The companion activity book for each CD includes reminiscing questions for each topic, as well as prop and music suggestions.

Volume 1

Includes 14 sound scenes (trains, kitchen, farm, factory, traffic, horse race, playground, water sounds, country fair, zoo, thunderstorm, baseball game and many more) plus 25 mystery sounds that can be used as a guessing game (typewriter, billiard balls, sawing wood, fog horn, coyote, telephone, rooster and 18 more). 32 minute CD with 18 page book. (c)1991.


Energise your reminiscing groups with vintage sounds! These popular reminiscing resources include sound scenes of yesteryear ranging in length from 20 seconds to two minutes each. The companion activity book for each CD includes reminiscing questions for each topic, as well as prop and music suggestions.

Volume 2

Includes 20 sound scenes (beauty salon, cae, circus, fireworks, airport, American football game, grocery shop, pets, baby, workshop, camping, classroom, automobile, Halloween, spring cleaning and more). 22 minute CD with 24-page book. (c)2007.


Reinforce Colour and shape Recognition while maintaining dexterity by arranging colourful cubes in different designs. Each lightweight cube is coloured green, red, yellow and blue - either as solid, halves or in two variations of crescent shapes. Create pictures and designs as a pastime or design cards can be used as a layout guide. Includes 16 cubes, 10 design cards, 13 challenge cards and rules. For 1-4 players.

Sh. Wt 0.19lb ( 0.1Kg)


This book is a perfect companion to the Name-A Song Toss-Up ball above giving you song titles and words to over 400 songs. One of the largest collections spanning 40 years from 1900 to 1940. Regardless of the subject, there is a song to sing. Large print and spiral binding makes this book easy to read and easy to use. Book includes words to songs only - no musical accompaniment. 298 pages, 8.5in x 11in

Sh. Wt 2lbs (0.9Kg)


A multi-game set of 36 tiles designed specifically for use by the memory impaired to spark memory and encourage conversation. The games, though simple and fun to play for all levels of ability, are based upon exercises that research has shown to assist in keeping minds limber and assisting with memory. Tiles feature real photographs that can be categorized by six subjects (people, transportation, food, animals, textures and objects) and six colours (red, green, blue, orange, yellow and black/white). Instructions for six games with varying degrees of difficulty. The 2in x 2in tiles are easy to pick up. This game is a valuable visual manipulative that every activity therapy program should add to its resource tools.

Sh. Wt 2.25lb (1Kg)


This wonderfully practical handbook features 80 adaptable and photocopiable games for uses with older people, as well as individuals or groups of all ages.
The games can be:
- Used as part of a social activities programme  - Specifically for reminiscence purposes  - To help keep people orientated to the world around them  - To exercise memory skills  -  As the prelude to discussion so that individuals can share difficulties and explore methods of aiding memory.  

Made easier or more difficult to meet the needs of the individuals involved.
Reproducible. 1
88 pages, 6in x 8.5in. Spiral bound soft cover.

Let's Talk! is a set of discussion and prompt cards designed for use by all groups.   
The pack is divided into the following three themes:
- One thing. One thing I feel I do well is...; One thing that amuses me is ... ; One thing that would brighten up my day is ...
- Think back. What is your earliest memory?; Name something good about getting older; Do you remember going to your first dance?
- Let's talk! Do you like your name?; If you had one wish what would it be?; What do you enjoy reading?
Contents: 80 cards, instructions and ideas, boxed

This completely revised edition of Winslow's bestselling Quiz Book contains more than 2,000 questions categorised into 40 stimulating topics.
It is aimed at adolescents and adults alike and features questions that are all realistically within the scope of the average person. Designed for those who use quizzes as a group activity, the questions are grouped into three ability levels with a layout that enables the organiser to rapidly locate the required topic. Topics cover areas such as cookery, animals, sport, home, spellings, history and general knowledge

Inspire thought, bring back fond memories, and inspire conversation among residents as they try to name 10 (or more) items relating to various topics. For example, players will name 10 cities that tourists love to visit, 10 words that end with 'aid', etc. Two examples are given for each topic to use as needed. Can be played as a game with teams, used in a discussion programme, or used as a handout 35 pages.
Challenging books with bright, engaging photos that will keep the eyes and the mind busy for hours. Look, Look Again has readers trying to spot the differences between two photos (includes four levels of difficulty). Spot It features delightful photos packed with hidden objects and clues to help readers find them. 128 pages each.
Exercise the brain! This DVD helps enhance memory and diminish the effects of age-related memory loss, increase alertness and the ability to focus, experience muscle relaxation, and develop a sense of inner peace. Reduce physical, emotional and mental stress, as well as heighten spatial awareness and creativity using imagery techniques. Start by letting your mind focus on breathing, then relax the muscles of the body, and then practice the memory exercises.
30 minutes.
Measure and improve the ability to recall information. The game relies on organizational techniques to help players organize information to improve memory. Select one of the six game boards. Working with one set of tiles with pictures of familiar objects, place tiles face down on the game board.
Pick a spot that will act as a clue to finding that tile later. For example, place a 'money tile' on the bank on the city game board. After placing all tiles, draw from the duplicate pile of tiles and try to find the corresponding tile on the game board. Use a few tiles or dozens, increasing the number of tiles as memory improves. Includes six game boards (country, house, tropical, town, city and generic), 80 object tiles, 80 match tiles, six reference cards, and instructions. For 1 or more players.