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By Marge Knoth

This fantastic book features 535 great activity ideas which are divided into many categories: Bedside and Low-Functioning, Parties, Crafts, Games, Word Games, Men Only, Guests, Cooking, Outings, Monthly Biggies, Community Outreaches and Everyday Activities. Presented in a user-friendly layout. In addition, each chapter is sorted alphabetically and broken up into short, readable, how-to paragraphs. 185 pages, 6inch (15.2cm) x 9inch (22.9cm). Spiral-bound. (c)1997.

Simple and easy to use these two sprung discs not only grip the cards but will also present them in a perfect fan. Ideal for anyone with grip difficulties or small hands

Includes 18 of the all-time best performances of Riverdance from its extraordinary beginnings at Point Theatre, Dublin, with original stars Michael Flatley and Jean Butler, through its phenomenal success at Radio City Music Hall, NewYork, to its latest live recording in Geneva.
Riverdance boasts an international cast featuring the remarkable Riverdance Irish Dance Troupe, the cream of Irish musicians in the Riverdance Band and a spectacular array of talent from Spain, Russia and America. Special features include: a 65 minute documentary celebrating the Riverdance phenomenon over the first 10 years, behind-the-scenes footage that has never been seen before and a Riverdance performance at the Special Olympics Opening Ceremony. 113 minutes. (c)2005.


A collection of soothing images and music to put your residents at ease. Features over 100 flower images accompanied by enchanting harp music. DVD set to continuous play. (c)2000

Sh. Wt 0.25lb (0.11Kg)


Includes Popcorn borders (pkg. of 12), Cupcakes borders (pkg. of 12), Spring Garden borders (pkg. of 12), Winter Friends set (28 pieces), Months of the Year border (pkg. of 12), and Party Time Bolder Borders(R) set (11 pieces).

Sh. wt. 2.75 lbs. (1.25Kg)

Relax to these pieces of classical music. Each collection contains famous works by composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and many more. Symphonies is 220 minutes (c)2011.
Classical Piano is 211 minutes (c)2010, and Classical Strings is 201 minutes (c)2010
Three discs per collection (total nine CD’s).
Measure and improve the ability to recall information. The game relies on organizational techniques to help players organize information to improve memory. Select one of the six game boards. Working with one set of tiles with pictures of familiar objects, place tiles face down on the game board.
Pick a spot that will act as a clue to finding that tile later. For example, place a 'money tile' on the bank on the city game board. After placing all tiles, draw from the duplicate pile of tiles and try to find the corresponding tile on the game board. Use a few tiles or dozens, increasing the number of tiles as memory improves. Includes six game boards (country, house, tropical, town, city and generic), 80 object tiles, 80 match tiles, six reference cards, and instructions. For 1 or more players.
Oversized cards are easy to manage, and the whimsical face-card illustrations make every game enjoyable. Includes 54 cards measuring 4 1/2in x 7in (11.4 cm. x 17.8cm), Illustrated booklet with 15 card games, and storage tin.
These wooden dominoes feature a double-nine configuration for added challenge when playing dominoes. Bucket of 275 hardwood, engraved, dominoes with colourfast finish. For 2-6 players 1 1/2in x 1in (4.13 cm x 2.3 cm)