Sensory Stimulation

Sensory Stimulation

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Create a special mobile with favourite photos, pictures or pin board decorations. The unique, metal alligator clips hold all sizes of pictures. Holds up to 20 photos. 17inch (43.2cm) W x 20inch (50.8cm) H.


Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the ultimate video aquarium DVD. Ambient Water features over three hours of the most relaxing and beautiful aquariums you have ever seen! Enjoy vibrant, colourful fish and gorgeous environments. You can even arrange the aquarium scenes in any order to create your own custom playlist! Just pick the scenes you want and pair them with either gentle music or natural aquatic sound effects. All new footage recorded in stunning hi-definition with 5.1-surround sound to bring you the most realistic video aquarium ever made. 190 minutes.

Sh wt 0.31lb ( .015Kg)


Turn your television into a mesmerizing ever-emerging kaleidoscope. The exquisite, geometric designs are set to Steven Halpern's tranquil Chakra Suite for a profound synergy of kaleidoscopic colour and music. This relaxing blend of imagery and sound is great for Alzheimer's patients. 61 minutes (c)2005

Sh. Wt 0.31lb (0.15Kg)


Ambient Calm's 14 scenes transform your TV into a calming and tranquil world! Enjoy serene vistas of waterfalls, passing clouds, fluttering butterflies, a peaceful flight over sand dunes or simply watch the sunrise. The ultimate relaxation DVD can be set to loop infinitely. You can even create custom play lists. Choose from classical, jazz and acoustic guitar and piano music, you can listen to the custom nature sound effects designed for each scene. 121 minutes

Sh. Wt 0.31lb (.015Kg)


Watch the gentle flow of colour in motion accompanied by relaxing piano music. What you're watching isn't a lava lamp, it isn't a space projector, but it is absolutely fascinating and calming. 45 minutes (c)2007

Sh. Wt 0.31lb (0.15Kg)


Toss 'em, stretch 'em, catch 'em, bounce 'em - there's tons of fun in this tub of silly sensory manipulatives! This set of 12 sensory items includes soft, squishy balls, tubes and more that are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face and spark curiosity and interest. Everything comes in a covered plastic storage tub with a handle.

Sh. wt. 1.75lbs (0.79kg).


A positive intervention for restless hands. Nine colourful textured fabrics for patting, sticking and folding provide a basis for reminiscence and discussion. The fabrics easily attach to wheelchairs with a leather fastener. Washable.

Relax to soothing motion of drifting sands. Provides a new artistic creation every time - simply flip it over to start it again. Sand is light responsive. Turns 360deg. Comes in assorted colour (no colour choice).
This DVD features over 90 babies ages 4 to 18 months doing what they do best: giggling, crying, eating, crawling, walking, interacting, playing and just having fun! It is sure to bring out many smiles and laughs. 30 minutes (c)2006
This is the ultimate video fireplace DVD! Create the relaxing ambiance of your dreams by turning your TV into the perfect fireplace scene. You can select from any combination of nine warming fireplace scenes, all shot in hi-definition and match it with your choice of background music or natural fire sounds, recorded in 5.1 surround sound. The fires look so amazing you might never go back to a 'real' fireplace again! This DVD lets you customize play-lists to create the right atmosphere by choosing from a natural fire sound or holiday, classical or jazz music. Play time is up to three hours of gorgeous fireplace scenes and music. Guaranteed to work on any type of television. 
190 minutes