SN30452C - Connect Memory-Enhancing Game Tiles

SN30452C - Connect Memory-Enhancing Game Tiles


A multi-game set of 36 tiles designed specifically for use by the memory impaired to spark memory and encourage conversation. The games, though simple and fun to play for all levels of ability, are based upon exercises that research has shown to assist in keeping minds limber and assisting with memory. Tiles feature real photographs that can be categorized by six subjects (people, transportation, food, animals, textures and objects) and six colours (red, green, blue, orange, yellow and black/white). Instructions for six games with varying degrees of difficulty. The 2in x 2in tiles are easy to pick up. This game is a valuable visual manipulative that every activity therapy program should add to its resource tools.

Sh. Wt 2.25lb (1Kg)

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